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WOW! Launches Fab Foilers

By Emily Peagram 17 Jan 2022

WOW!’s latest offering is set to change your card making experience forever with a range of all-occasion foilable designs.

The Fab Foilers collection comprises delightful images or background designs printed onto 250gsm superior smooth cardstock for a high-quality product that’s easy to use – simply place the foil onto the image and run it through a laminator in a foiling pouch. Once through, the foil is peeled back to reveal the project-ready embellishment.

The initial launch comprises three design packs each with four sheets of four designs, plus one solid colour background pack containing 16 full out solid cards. Fab Foilers work to both European and North American paper sizes – just trim the sides or top/bottom of the sheets respectively.

Fab Foilers can be used perfectly in conjunction with the company’s Fab Foils collection – a range of 18 different foil colours designed to add a metallic effect to mixed media and papercrafting projects.

To help crafters get the most from the Fab Foilers range, WOW!’s YouTube channel offers tips, techniques and inspiration for beginners and beyond to help them create impressive projects with ease. Alternatively, check out the Facebook and Instagram pages for more great ideas.

The range launches on January 29th on Craftstore TV.

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