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WOW Embossing Announce New Product Releases

By Emily Peagram 04 Jun 2021

The latest WOW Embossing powders are the very best yet. With two new Trios, English Garden and Fairground along with a variety of single jars in the shades Cummerbund, In The Park, Touch of Lemon, Pink Tutu, Periwinkle, Pinkish and Copper Ultra High. WOW Embossing powders provide a wide variety of finishes and colours, there’s something for everyone.

WOW have also launched 4 x A6 stamps along with 4 x A7 stamps and 6 fantastic stencils that have been a new best seller. To check all the new products out along with our other fabulous products just sign into your WOW Embossing trade account, if you don’t currently stock WOW and would like to, please contact to open up an account.