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Wool Warehouse Re-Introduces Two Iconic British Brands to Its Yarn Range

By Emily Peagram 10 Mar 2021

Peter Pan and Wendy yarns from have been loved by knitters and crocheters for many years, but sadly fell into administration at the beginning of the global pandemic in March 2020. Fortunately, they have been rescued by new owners, who have spent the past year improving the manufacturing techniques and the quality of fibre used in the yarns, to ensure the new Peter Pan and Wendy yarns are now market-leading quality, and better than they ever were.

The new owners, Wool Warehouse, have retained the original premises in Guiseley, West Yorkshire, and have been able to save the jobs of many of the original employees. Wendy and Peter Pan yarns have been around for nearly 100 years, but did you know the history behind their names?

Why Wendy and Peter Pan?

In 1928 Arthur Carter, owner of Carter and Parker, a well-known institution in the wool trade introduced two new yarns. Arthur was an acquaintance of J M Barrie, author of the novel Peter Pan. Due to his friendship with the author, Arthur was granted permission for the use of the names Wendy and Peter Pan. The only other organisation ever to have been given permission to these rights was Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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