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What can winning a Craft Business Award do for you?

By Mark Hayhurst 16 Aug 2019

Winning a Craft Business Award can mean a lot to businesses.

Not only do they receive a trophy at a champagne reception at CHSI Stitches but they can also look forward to extensive coverage in Craft Business magazine and its accompanying website and social media.

This makes the winning of one truly valuable, but what do the winners of Craft Business Awards have to say?

Stephanie Carswell, owner of Hawthorn Handmade and winner of the Craft Business Awards 2019 Best Emerging Craft Brand, said: “It’s given us something to shout about and be proud of and we’ve seen a direct response from companies getting in touch to work with us and stock our kits.

“I was truly over the moon! It’s often very hard working in a small company with a lot of pressure and little time to step back and see the bigger picture. This was a reminder that we’re going in the right direction and the recognition from our peers and the industry has been a real boost. We’re all very proud of everything we’ve achieved so far at Hawthorn Handmade and awards like this give us the energy and drive to keep on bringing new ideas to the craft world and our wonderful customers.”

Deanna Russo, Inventor, Founder, Owner of Bow K, winner of the 2018 Craft Business Award for Best Start-Up said: “Validation from a respected association serves as a critical boost for any start-up, especially for a one-woman company. Craft Business’ Best Start-Up Award 2018 gave Bow K credibility and also gave me confirmation that I was on the right track.

“Winning this award helped open numerous doors for Bow K. It may have been a UK award, but the impact easily translated to the US market. I leveraged the win as Best Start-up to gain access to some of the highest-level decision makers in the retail industry. The traction that I received from the award was definitely a key supporting factor in the rise of Bow K sales. Following the award, Bow K shipped out its first large purchase order to a brick and mortar craft retail chain here in the US; with more large retailers expressing interest.

“Craft Business was responsible for providing Bow K with a second important marketing tool. They picked my Best Start-up win as an opportunity to spotlight Bow K in a full-page feature in Craft Business Magazine. I reprinted the article for handouts and posted it on my website.

“The Best Start-Up Award and Craft Business Magazine have played a key role in building the Bow K brand. They helped Bow K gain momentum in the crafting markets by introducing the brand to the industry in a highly positive fashion.”

So don’t miss out enter the awards today!

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