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We Are Knitters’ Launch Brand New Latch Hook Kits

By Emily Peagram 08 Oct 2020

Crafters can make the most stylish home decorations this autumn with a little help from We Are Knitters. As we enter the autumn season, many people will start to think about how best to redecorate and cosy up our homes. Along with the obligatory fairy lights and spice-scented candles, soft furnishings play a key role in warming up our spaces, from fluffy blankets to curl up with and textured rugs that cover bare floors, handmade wall hangings bring a homely feel to a room that just can’t be replicated.

Latch hooking is a craft that involves tying short pieces of yarn to the horizontal strings of a canvas grid that can be used to make small rugs, hangings or even seat covers. The kits created by We Are Knitters range in user ability from beginner to intermediate, making a great weekend or evening project for anyone, whether already acquainted with the craft or otherwise. As with all WAK kits, the Latch Hook kits can be customised to the individual’s choice of colour, making each piece even more unique.

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