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uni-PIN unveils new plastic-free packaging

By Emily Peagram 01 Dec 2021

Mitsubishi Pencil Company UK, AKA uni-ball has revamped and repackaged its uni-PIN fine line artist pen sets into new plastic-free packs. In doing so the pigment pen range has ditched single-use plastic and sought to promote a range of different artists.

Each pack has been designed by an artist to illustrate the uni-PIN range and its creative possibilities, showcasing each nib size and colour. This gives each plastic-free pack an authentic, individual flavour as the pens contained in the pack have been used by the artist to create the pack illustration.

The new uni-PIN packs are completely biodegradable and printed in a sustainable way using vegetable inks and water-saving printing processes. The packs are also made in the UK, reducing air miles.

As well as introducing new plastic-free packs, the black uni-PIN range has expanded from 14 to 18 tip sizes.

In addition to its standard tips, from a delicate 0.03 to robust 1.2 nib, plus an expressive brush, the range now boasts three new chisel nibs for calligraphy, plus an Extra Fine brush tip made with real bristles. This range of sizes and shapes allows for a wealth of exciting creative possibilities.

The expansion of the range gave the company an opportunity to hone and refine the pen sets, giving each pack a purpose and theme to help the customer choose the right pen selection for drawing, graphic design and calligraphy.

For further info visit the uni-ball website.

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