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Sewing is the Nation’s Favourite Lockdown Hobby

By Emily Peagram 29 Apr 2021

One in five Brits (21%) took up sewing or embroidery during lockdown, making it the nation’s favourite lockdown hobby.

According to the survey of 2,000 people conducted by Brother Sewing, more men aged 25-34 took up sewing than women in the same age group (23% compared to 21%).

One in three women aged 35 or over started sewing and/or embroidery during lockdown. While women aged over 65 were even more enthusiastic about the hobby, with almost half (43%) stating they started sewing over lockdown.

Perhaps surprisingly, more people chose to get creative with needlework and learn to sew or embroider during lockdown, than to pass the time gaming, with just one in eight turning to their gaming console for entertainment.

Looking into the data further, there are a few more surprises, a higher percentage of men aged 25-34 (23%) chose to take up sewing rather than fitness (20%), gardening (13%), or learning a new language (15%).

The data continued to challenge preconceptions, showing that millennials are not as addicted to screens as commonly assumed. One in five (21%) chose to learn sewing and/or embroidery, whilst only 17% chose gaming as their lockdown pastime.

Interestingly, geographical location appears to have impacted people’s choice of hobby as well. It seems that people in Wales are more avid crafters, with one in four taking up sewing in comparison to one in five across the whole of the UK.

Stuart Stamp, Marketing at Brother Sewing, said: “During what has been a challenging time, it appears that sewing has provided a welcome escape for many people. The ability to craft and be creative through sewing is not only alleviating lockdown boredom, but passing the time in a productive and enjoyable way.”

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