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Search Press Is Open For Business

By Emily Peagram 15 May 2020

Now over seven weeks into lockdown, Search Press has been able to remain open for business safely and securely with threequarters of the workforce working from home, while the remaining customer service and warehouse staff coming in daily to deal with orders and enquiries.

The Search Press direct-to-consumer business has remained busy across the whole range of books, with it clear that those in lockdown are revisiting old skills and learning new – and there’s a lot of evidence that they are teaching their children to learn art and craft as well.

Search Press has found that their social media output has increased dramatically and the brand have organised video projects with authors on Facebook Live and other platforms, ran giveaways and promotions and have been working with any retailers who are still open to help push their businesses.

Search Press have been working hard to keep trading, protect employees’ livelihoods and support those in retail. They’ve launched initiatives to help retailers such as a Direct Despatch affiliate scheme (the retailer give their customers a unique code which they use at check out on the Search Press website – they will then credit those retailers with a 25% commission on each sale).

Secondly, they’ve added a list of retailers still trading to their website that they’re directing consumers to.

Search Press is always open to new ideas so if you’d like to get in touch, contact them on

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