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Rowan and Patons Become Part Of The DMC Group

By Emily Peagram 07 May 2020

From the 29th April 2020, Rowan and Patons have become part of The DMC Group. As with all of the flagship brands within the DMC portfolio, Rowan will keep its independence, retaining its uniqueness and core values whilst gaining from the shared expertise and systems of The DMC Group, which includes brands such as Wool and the Gang, Sirdar and DMC.

For the last four years, Rowan has been part of the MEZ Crafts Group and one of the portfolio of companies of the Aurelius Group. During this time the brand has achieved great success in turning the Rowan brand into a profitable business.

A Rowan spokesperson said: “We now find ourselves in a position where it is time to move on and join a new company that is excited to support the future growth of Rowan and carry it forward to even greater things. Right now, we are cognisant of the disruption the Covid-19 virus has caused in your lives and ours. We look forward to this being over, resuming our lives and reinvigorating our businesses.”

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