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Rada Business Launches Two New Courses and Is Once Again Offering in Person Training

By Emily Peagram 09 Jul 2021

RADA Business builds on the work of one of the world’s most respected drama schools – the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art – to deliver world-class training programmes and coaching for organisations and individuals. This summer sees RADA Business launch new in-person and virtual programmes to keep up with demand.

The programmes have each been designed to help participants discover new techniques to transform influence, establish their leadership purpose, or perfect public speaking, as well as offering tools to maintain company culture as many organisations adapt to a ‘hybrid’ working model.

Two of the programmes launching are brand new to RADA Business’ portfolio, including Media Performance Training and Leadership in Action, which will officially launch in-person this September.

Media Performance Training equips participants with the skills and techniques to calmly and skillfully handle any type of live or recorded media interview or presentation. The course explores advanced communication skills, including body language, vocal presence, and state management, to help business professionals communicate with greater confidence. The many practical elements involve intensive interview rehearsal in front of mics and cameras, and the embodied nature of the work means that the learning is embedded in the muscle memory, ensuring it sticks when you need it most.

To help leaders who are in the early stages of their role, Leadership in Action teaches the skills and techniques needed to refine their own personal brand of leadership style. They will learn how to build resilience, to empower others and inspire the team around them, whilst mastering the ability to communicate with clarity and empathy. The course will also equip business leaders with the skills to master vocal and physical techniques for enhanced impact.

RADA Business will continue to run their online courses having adapted to a virtual platform last year following the pandemic, but is, once again, pleased to offer in-person training in central London.

Other programmes available both in-person and virtually include: Executive Presence for Women, Creating a Powerful Leadership Presence, Leading in a Remote Environment, The Confident Communicator, How to Interview with Confidence. Impact and Influence for Women, Stepping up with Confidence for Women, Voice of Influence, Storytelling for Business, Presenting Made Brilliant and Personal Impact.

All in-person courses will take place at venues that are certified as complying with the latest government and industry Covid-19 guidelines, to ensure the safety of their staff and participants.

Jessica Moores, Head of Open Courses at RADA Business, comments: “It’s wonderful to be able to relaunch our in-person training as well as extend our online offering further – we have a vast range of training programmes for business professionals to choose from so they can learn the skills and techniques they need to enhance their personal development and leadership style within the workplace.

“Our aim is to deepen each participant’s understanding about how to use their body, breath and voice to maximise their communication impact whilst connecting authentically to the audience. Many companies are now adapting to hybrid working so it’s a crucial time for business professionals to understand how to adjust their style of communication to both virtually and being in-person. We are delighted that this launch of new programmes enables us to support more people with this transition and help professionals and senior executives transform their influence.”

For information about RADA Business, please visit

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