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Project Launched to Remember Lost Loved Ones Through Craft

By Emily Peagram 26 Jun 2020

The latest community venture from The Loss Project, Stitch in Time invites people to remember those they have lost during this pandemic, or otherwise by stitching, sewing, drawing or painting their name onto a square of fabric and sharing their fondest memories. Each square will be shared across social media channels alongside the memories and will eventually become part of a much larger display of the artwork, with the aim of building a supportive community for those left behind, and creating a physical reminder of their loved ones.

The Loss Project was founded in 2019 as a social enterprise aimed at generating a community response to loss. With over 40 years’ collective experience of working in communities and end of life care, the team could not be better suited to support those coping with grief and loss during Covid-19. The recent #thatsexactlyhowifeel campaign has begun to form an online community by encouraging individuals to share their thoughts and feelings, letting each other know that they are not alone. At a time when it is not always possible to take part in funerals and other traditional rituals of grief and loss, it is more important than ever to find a positive outlet through which to express those powerful emotions. In addition to running the social campaign, The Loss Project will be releasing further content to encourage grief and loss awareness, connecting with others with similar experiences in virtual support groups and creative projects.

For more information about Stitch in Time, to take part or to further support this social enterprise, visit

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