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Pixelhobby UK Partners with Local School for Lockdown Project

By Emily Peagram 08 Jul 2020

Pixelhobby UK are the official UK distributors for Pixelhobby products, a fun and simple craft that anyone can do! By pulling pixels off a ‘pixelsquare’ and placing them on a baseplate to follow a pattern, it’s easy to create anything from a keyring to a realistic image, without needing to iron or spray with water. Supplying craft shops across the UK, Pixelhobby UK are a family-run business based in Somerset.

The company is actively engaged in bringing fun to the local community through crafting and the lockdown has made this even more important. To help children have fun as they study from home, Pixelhobby UK recently partnered with the Year 6 students of North Petherton Community Primary School to create a personalised pixel project! Featuring caricatures of the headteacher Mr Hobbs, deputy head Ms Penfold and the 19 students that participated in the project, the 51cm by 51cm pixel piece has been designed by Pixelhobby UK to capture the school spirit as well as the lockdown experience.

The project breaks down into twenty baseplates, each of which was sent to the children participating with full instructions and the required materials on how to complete their part of the project. As the children completed the baseplates, they were delivered back to Pixelhobby UK, who sent photos to all the families participating in the project so they could see it come to life. Once all twenty baseplates had been finished and returned, Pixelhobby UK connected the baseplates together using their ‘dovetail’ clips to produce a seamless image. The complete picture was then framed with a bespoke-designed metal frame.

Pixelhobby’s pixelsquares come in two sizes: standard, which is great for capturing detail, and XL, four times bigger and perfect for little crafters and grown-ups who need a larger project. Both pixels are sustainably produced from bio-plastics made using sugar cane, making them free from toxic materials and 100% recyclable. If you are interested in partnering with Pixelhobby UK please email them at

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