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New possibilities for artists

By Mark Hayhurst 01 Jun 2018

New additions to uni PIN fineliner pen range provide further possibilities for artists, architects, graphic designers and doodlers Already a favourite among creatives, the pen collection now has a new super fine black 0.03 nib, an expressive brush tip and additional shades of sepia and grey.

The 0.03 nib and brush tip has expanded the black uni PIN fineliner range from nine to 11 calibrated tip sizes allowing for a wealth of creative finishes. The new super fine 0.03 tip can produce intricate dots and lines. The new brush tip is firm for added control and great for mastering brush script and expressive drawing.

Inspired by artists’ sketch books through the ages, the new Sepia and Grey uni PINS come in 0.1 and 0.5 nib sizes. The sepia shade has a rich, earthy hue that works for landscapes and wildlife studies. The subtle light grey pens are perfect for delicate sketches, while the charcoal-like hues of the dark grey models allows for atmospheric, evocative artworks.

The expanded range is available in a variety of packs and as individual pens. New packs feature exclusive artwork from architectural artist Chris Dove depicting the cityscapes of Lisbon, Hamburg and Prague. There is also an extensive image and video library available to retailers on request.

Contact: Mitsubishi Pencil Company email:, tel: 033 0100 9933, web:

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