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New FIMO leather-effect from Staedtler

By Mark Hayhurst 16 May 2019

Brand new from Staedtler is FIMO leather-effect, a ground breaking extension to its popular range of polymer modelling clays.

Opening up a whole new world of crafting opportunities, FIMO leather-effect mimics the look and texture of real leather but, crucially, remains flexible and elastic after hardening so it can be cut, sewn, braided, pierced and embossed. Available in 12 inspirational shades, it can be worked in the same way as leather or other textiles giving amazing design scope and versatility.

Tapping into the current trend for crafting, this exciting new craft medium will present existing FIMO enthusiasts and first-time users with a vast range of new modelling possibilities for creative decorations, on-trend accessories and unique jewellery.

After hardening in the oven, FIMO leather-effect takes on a unique look and feel that is strongly reminiscent of leather. It also remains significantly more flexible and elastic compared with other hardened FIMO modelling clays which means it can be handled in the same way as leather and other textile materials. It can be braided, pierced and embossed as well as cut and sewn.

Handbags, necklaces, bracelets – with FIMO leather-effect, crafters can create individual works of art. The easy handling and unique structure of the new FIMO modelling clay means that many of the techniques used to handle leather can be applied. For example, individual strings can be used to create braided necklaces or bracelets, which compete with real leather jewellery in terms of look and feel. In addition, decorative objects or fashion accessories, such as handbags, can be embellished and upgraded with FIMO leather-effect by attaching trims, borders or other design elements.

Staedtler has developed a distinct colour palette for FIMO leather-effect. Choosing from 12 fresh and modern shades, crafters are able to incorporate current trends into their own work. Colours include ivory, saffron yellow, ochre, berry, watermelon, indigo, lagoon, olive, rust, nut, dove grey and black.

All 12 colours are available as single colours in standard 57g blocks and there is also a colour-themed material pack which contains half blocks of every colour.

Before hardening, FIMO leather-effect can be shaped and designed at will. Afterwards, the completed modelled accessory, jewellery or deco element is hardened in the oven at 130°C for 30 minutes.

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