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New E-Commerce Platform, the Good Edit, Launches with Buy, Borrow, Re-Sell and Exchange Features for Sustainable Shoppers

By Emily Peagram 15 Jun 2021

E-commerce platform, The Good Edit, has been launched in a bid to help sustainable customers shop in a more eco-friendly and ethical way - without compromising on style or quality.

In their mission to ‘reimagine shopping’ - where we’ll only buy new when we need to, gift without waste, and borrow / buy second hand without hesitation, The Good Edit is split into four strands.


People are able to buy sustainable sourced and ethically produced products, all hand-sourced for The Good Edit. This allows buyers to ‘shop good’ with confidence, safe in the knowledge that they’re buying from brands who focus on doing less harm and more good.


Rent an outdoor activity kit to keep your children entertained in the school holidays? Are the family descending on you for Christmas and you need some extra seating or dinnerware?

Reduce clutter, cost and your environmental footprint by borrowing the collection at The Good Edit. More items to borrow are added to the site every week.

Coming soon…

The unique ‘gift edit’ empowers the gift recipient to choose if they’d like to accept, exchange or donate the gift you bought them. Designed to reduce the huge waste in the gifting industry (21m of us in the UK receive a gift we don’t want every year), while still offering beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Create your own gift boxes or shop The Good Edit’s curated gift box collection.


The ‘marketplace’ will encourage customers to consider pre loved items as part of their shop - and allow them to pass on The Good Edit purchases after they’ve finished with them.

Unique brands like Elvis & Kresse - who are producing luxury bags and accessories made from decommissioned fire hoses and From Babies With Love - a social enterprise which donates all profits to helping babies thrive around the world, are already a part of the growing number of brand partners supporting The Good Edit.
Shoppers will also be able to borrow the likes of Yala Jewellery - gorgeous recycled brass jewellery, ethically produced in Africa and buy from Dor & Tan - handmade pottery, made in Cornwall from locally sourced clay, in a green powered studio.

B Corp
With holding themselves accountable being a particularly important part of the brand, The Good Edit has already secured B Corp pending accreditation. B Corp set the gold standard for good business, certifying only those brands truly using their business as a force for good, as evidenced through their rigorous assessment.

The Founder

The brand was created by mum-of-two, Zoe Wishman, after she realised how many toys, clothes and household items went to waste in her home and wanted to do better by the planet. In realising this, Wishman began collating brands that prioritise the environment around us.

Speaking about the launch, Wishman said:
“While I was on maternity with my second child I started researching brands who were truly focused on being good to people and the planet, while also creating beautiful products. As my list got longer, I started to share it with my friends, encouraging them to seek these brands out, too.
“It was then - as I sat mulling over the possibilities during 3am feeds - that The Good Edit was born - bringing all of these purpose-led brands together, with multiple ways to shop these beautiful products.”

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