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Nation’s Knitting Grannies go into Business 

By Zoe Monk 10 Jul 2013

A new online platform designed for selling hand-knitted clothes and accessories has been launched by grannies across the UK. 

Grannies Inc is a new idea which unites grannies and offers them an exclusive place to sell their innovative knitwear to those who love the personal touch that hand-knitted clothes, toys, soft furnishings and other accessories have to offer.

The company originally launched in 2009 with a select team of grannies who were fantastic at knitting. They created bespoke and expertly knitted designs which customers had sourced themselves. The demand for non-manufactured clothing soon became so great that Grannies Inc decided to launch the brand new marketplace, allowing all grannies to sell their items online.

Katie Mowat, managing director of Grannies Inc said: “We are thrilled to launch the Grannies Inc Marketplace and we are excited to see what the future will bring for all of our knitting experts. All of our grannies are skilled in creating beautiful bespoke clothes and accessories, and we are excited to start selling to the general public. As for our grannies, our doors are always open to welcome more expert knitters to join the club!”

To date, more than three hundred grannies have been in touch with Grannies Inc Marketplace, offering their services and wanting to get involved in the knitting phenomenon.

For more information about Grannies Inc Marketplace, visit here or watch the video here

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