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Lucy Heath appointed as Retail Sales Director at VENT for Change

By Mark Hayhurst 10 Sep 2019

VENT for Change, the sustainable stationery brand that supports children’s education projects worldwide has appointed Lucy Heath as Retail Sales Director.

Lucy comes with a wealth of experience in the retail sector, most recently as sales director at Gemma International where she worked for 11 years. Previously Lucy has worked with Santoro and Russ Berrie alongside both British and French retailers.

Evan Lewis, founder VENT for Change, said: “We are very excited to have Lucy join the team, her expertise and experience in the retail sector is going to help us enormously. The further she can spread the range nationwide the more support we can give to children’s education projects worldwide.”

The timing of Lucy’s appointment is perfect as VENT for Change prepare for the imminent launch of their new raw recycled range for pre-Christmas sales.

VENT for Change picked up a multiple retail, stationery and design awards at the start of the year showing that sustainability can be combined with stylish design.

Everything in the VENT range is produced with the environment in mind and proceeds from every sale made go towards children’s education projects worldwide.

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