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LoveCrafts Acquires Deramores from Ideal Shopping

By Emily Peagram 16 Feb 2022

Following an exceptional few years of growth, LoveCrafts – the global community and commerce destination for crafters - has announced the acquisition of Deramores from Ideal Shopping Ltd. The acquisition includes digital assets and branded yarns from the award-winning knitting and crochet site. The news follows on the heels of LoveCrafts’ acquisition of WEBS – America’s leading online needlecraft company.

Knitting and crochet have enjoyed a revival over the past two years. An increasing number of consumers turned to crafting during the pandemic, and sales for knitting and crochet kits increased by 225% in December 2021 compared to 2019.

Edward Griffith, CEO and Founder LoveCrafts, commented: “This is another great landmark for LoveCrafts. Deramores was an important crafting site in the UK market and this marks a significant milestone in our journey to becoming the end-to-end destination for craft enthusiasts around the world.”

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