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By Emily Peagram 20 Jun 2022

KnitPro International, a leading manufacturer of products for the craft and hobby industry, announces the arrival of The Mindful Collection across the globe. The collection has been well received in the USA and Canada over the past two years and will be available in shops in the UK from July.

Aiming to harness the spirit of the soulful craft of knitting, the range of knitting needles in high-quality stainless steel delivers superior performance while inspiring the knitter with positive and soothing words. The collection reinforces the healing qualities of the knitting craft by utilising words that are associated with meditative practice (such as Breathe, Believe, Dream…), with each needle tip carrying an imprint of an inspirational word that is unique to that size only.

Complementing the needle collection is a whole series of bags and accessories. From chakra stitch markers to memory-free swivel cables, and teal-coloured darning needles to row counter rings, the Mindful Collection has got everything covered. For more information visit:

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