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Japanese quality knives, UK distribution

By Emily Peagram 16 May 2022

OLFA is a well-known Japanese brand that has been creating cutting tools and blades since 1956. Despite its growing popularity, it hasn’t always been easy to get your hands on an OLFA product in the UK… until now. Axus Décor has brought a vast range into the country and is on the lookout for new stockists.

OLFA’s offering is huge with its diverse range of cutters and blades, with many options for papercrafters. Three tools stand out, though, each quite different.

First is the Beginner’s Craft Knife (ESK-1), the ideal introductory tool to the world of crafting. Its safety-inspired blade coverings limit blade exposure and reduce the risk of injury. It comes complete with an egg-shaped stand that features both a blade snapper and a blade disposal container for discarded OLFA snap blade sections.

Next is the Designer’s Knife (AK-5), created to be held just like a pen and comfortable over long periods. Its rounded barrel, steel blade jaws, and brass securing ferrule ensure that the blade stays firmly in place – making it safe to use. The spatula end is perfect for embossing, accurate folds and scoring. A total of 30 spare blades (plus a needle attachment for pinpoint punctures) are included in a case that doubles as a knife stand.

Finally, there’s the Graphics Snap Knife (SAC-1), which should not be confused with a standard snap-off knife. Its ultra-slim, lightweight body houses a unique 30° angled blade, which gives an optimal line of sight when cutting out details. When the blade edge has dulled, simply snap off a segment to reveal a sharp one!

If you’re interested in becoming an OLFA reseller, email Axus Décor at for further information. For full details of the OLFA range visit

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