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Hobbycraft Launches Pebeo Resin Workshop as Resin Internet Searches Increase by Nearly 800%

By Emily Peagram 28 Jul 2022

Resin crafts continue to be on the rise in the UK and more people than ever are giving this craft a go. Searches for β€˜resin’ has increased by nearly 800% in June-July versus the previous two months (April-May).

To meet customer demand, the Beginners Guide to Pebeo Resin Workshop, priced at Β£45, has been introduced to help customers learn how to make resin pendants using black pigment and gold leaf flakes. Students will be able to make up to 10 resin designs, filling up a whole mould. In collaboration with Pebeo, the workshop will be led by a Hobbycraft Artisan resin expert who will guide crafters through every step of the project to ensure fantastic results.

The fee includes a craft kit (RRP Β£57.30) that will be posted to the customer, which includes further materials so that they can keep making more, even after the workshop is over. By the end of the workshop, those taking part will have learnt the basics of resin art and have a collection of beautiful gold leaf pendants which can be turned into jewellery, keyrings or simply be displayed as they are!

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