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Hobbycraft Launches Glowforge 3D Laser Cutting and Engraving Machines

By Emily Peagram 30 Aug 2022

Hobbycraft, the UK’s largest arts and crafts retailer has launched two 3D Laser Cutting and Engraving Machines, alongside an accessories pack and Air Filter, supplied by Glowforge – a 3D printing manufacturer.

The cutting-edge machines offer a fast and simple way to create a whole host of projects, from DIY gifts, home improvement, and upcycling to making fashion items, toys, leather goods, lighting, containers, art and much more. The possibilities are endless and can even help makers launch their own small businesses.

Glowforge uses a beam of light to cut, engrave and shape designs from hundreds of materials, including wood, leather, fabric, cardboard, acrylic, and more. Each machine offers a simple setup in under 30 minutes and is compatible with a Mac, PC, tablet, and phone. It is safe for home and school use, offers free web-based software, and has a two-year warranty.

Using the Autofocus feature, with material detection and automatic print settings, users can bring unique designs to life. They simply pick a drawing, PDF, or photo, add one of dozens of household materials, and click print. The inbuilt cameras will scan the drawing or design to turn it into a product. You can even resize, copy, or personalise further once you’ve scanned. There’s nothing to install and the free app works with a PC, Mac, phone, or tablet.

Glowforge Pro Machine, £5,995

The Glowforge Pro can be used to print truly enormous objects, including furniture pieces, with the exclusive Pro Passthrough feature, allowing you to use infinitely long materials. An upgraded solid-state cooling system also allows you to keep printing all day long – perfect for a small business. The powerful 45-watt laser cuts up to 20% faster than the Glowforge Basic, with a top engraving speed of up to three times as fast.

Glowforge Plus Machine, £3,995

The Plus will bring your creative vision to life at the speed of light. It has a 40W laser tube power and works with hundreds of materials. The cutting-edge machine offers upgraded components and includes a Glowforge laser head with macro camera and autofocus, power cord, magnetic lens replacement tool, steel crumb tray, exhaust hose, and ring clamps for hose connections. This machine is perfect for crafters and creators that have a lot of projects to work on.

Glowforge Air Filter, £999

The Glowforge Air Filter is an add-on that allows you to use your Glowforge machine anywhere (since lasers such as the Glowforge require ventilation). It is the size of a recycling bin, and sits on the ground near your Glowforge printer and cleans the air, allowing you to operate the machine anywhere in school. It can be rolled from room to room for easy mobility, allowing you to get creative wherever works best for you. It surpasses the gold standard in air filtration, pairing HEPA and advanced carbon technology. It traps over 99.9% of particles in the air while you work.

Each product will launch online and in ten Hobbycraft stores including Bournemouth, Southampton, Bristol Cribbs, Wimbledon, Woking, Crawley, Norwich, Milton Keynes, Stockport, and Edinburgh.

To ensure customers can test-drive the machines, each store will have a demo unit, and a range of proof grade materials. In addition, stores will run workshops that people can book on to, in order to leave with a made item.

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