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Higgs & Higgs to distribute Le Tissu in the UK

By Mark Hayhurst 04 Oct 2017

Brenda Higgs, of Higgs & Higgs, talks to us about her company and their new venture.

Brenda Higgs
Brenda Higgs

How did you become involved in the fabric business?

I am one half of Higgs and the other is my son Joe. About seven years ago we were both looking for something different to do. My history is in fashion my first job was with the French designer Roland Klein. I then worked for the McCall Pattern Company and I designed children’s clothes. When I had my children things changed a bit but once they had grown up I decided on this change.

During the first year I was on my own, Joe was part of it but not entirely. We started off with a small unit and now we have a much larger one, in The Glenmore Centre, Waterwells Business Park, Marconi Drive, Quedgeley, Gloucester, which is also full up so we will have to look for an even bigger unit.

What is new for Higgs and Higgs?

We are now the UK distributors for Domotex – they are a fabric company and a few years ago they started a stock collection. I found them when I was on a trip in France and they are really fantastic fabrics, they’re great colours, great designs, fun, just everything you would really expect from the French in ways of design.

I have been buying these for the last couple of years and we have been selling a lot of it. They are producing more and more. We have now taken over distribution of their Le Tissu By Domotex line in the UK. All of their stocklines will be on our website ( We have a retail website which also has a wholesale portal and people will be able to pre-order from there.

We do have a bricks-and-mortar store but most of our sales are made online.

What began your love of fabric?

It was when I was at school I loved making clothes and I wanted to be a designer. I started making things for myself and my mother bought me a sewing machine when I was about 13. Then I made everything – all her clothes and all the curtains for the house.

Do you think there has been a resurgence in sewing?

I think the sewing market was growing anyway. When I first started out a lot of customers were older ladies but then the youngsters came along. The bunting thing was great because it was so easy to do and the effect and colours were great, they could do it for themselves. It was great for weddings and something that could be done with children. It was also an easy way to decorate your room and a few cushions to go with it and it was something you could do by hand, you didn’t have to have a machine, you could even do it with pins instead of sewing. Also the TV Programme The Great British Sewing Bee came along and that has helped enormously as well.

For further information they can be contacted at

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