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Gorilla Glue launches into the stationery market with brand new product range

By Mark Hayhurst 07 Aug 2019

Industry leading adhesive brand Gorilla Glue steps into the stationery and craft market with the launch of the new Gorilla stationery range.

Gorilla Glue has enjoyed widespread success within the DIY market, since it first launched into the UK in 2008. The business is now leveraging on the strength of the brand and its success, to launch a new range of products into the growing stationery/craft market, for the first time.

Gorilla will be launching a brand-new product as part of this range along with three extensions of their best-selling super glues.

Sean Jackson, Gorilla Glue’s VP of Marketing, said: “The UK Stationery market is experiencing incredible growth rates and is predicted to grow to £2.1 Billion by 2021. This is clearly an exciting and growing market that is crying out for versatile, premium products that the Gorilla brand offers.

“The launch of the Gorilla brand into a new category doesn’t happen overnight. We have carried out in-depth consumer and category research prior to this launch, to ensure that the new Gorilla stationery range delivers the best combination of features to meet the consumer’s needs.”

Gorilla Mounting Tape Squares is an innovative new product which will feature in the Gorilla stationery launch. Aimed at every day adhesive users, these pre-cut adhesive squares are designed to provide an easy and incredibly versatile way to instantly mount and hold a wide range of surfaces together.

Gorilla Mounting Tape Squares ultimately deliver the strength and durability consumers have come to expect from Gorilla products in an incredibly user-friendly format. In addition to the launch of the new Gorilla Mounting Tape Squares, the brand has developed extensions to some of the bestsellers from its adhesive range, specifically tailored for the stationery market.

Gorilla Super Glue, the quick-setting, Impact Tough glue which is perfect for a wide range of household projects, will be available in a smaller 1x3g pack size – perfect for the everyday adhesive user.

Gorilla Super Glue Gel, which offers the same benefits but with a thicker and more controlled formula, will also be available in the smaller pack size of 1x3g as part of the new Gorilla stationery range.

The final product extension to be developed for the stationery market is Gorilla Super Glue Brush & Nozzle, now in a 10g bottle, which is perfect for those projects which require extra precision. This innovative product can be applied using either the precision tip nozzle or with the fine bristle brush which gives the user ultimate control.

Sean Jackson added: “Breaking into the stationery market is the logical next step for the Gorilla brand as research shows that 49 per cent of adhesive purchases are made in high street retailers and supermarkets, and 67 per cent of all shoppers purchase adhesives from stationery aisles.

“Our research has enabled us to understand the key differences between DIY and stationery consumers and we have listened to our new stationery/craft consumers and adapted our packaging to appeal to this new consumer profile. We have developed a stationery/craft branding with a softer feel and alternative messaging, however the new Gorilla stationery range will still be instantly recognisable as the Gorilla brand and our customers can still enjoy the same premium values.”

A wide range of craft bloggers and influencers will also be working with the brand to support the entry into the stationery market and educate consumers on the versatility of Gorilla products through blogs and video content.

The launch of the Gorilla stationery range will also be supported by the brands consistent mix of TV, digital and print advertising.

New Gorilla Mounting Tape Squares have an RRP of £5.99 and are available to purchase in a 6- piece display. Gorilla Super Glue and Gorilla Super Glue Gel 1 x 3g tube has an RRP of £3.25 and is available to purchase in a ten-piece display.

Gorilla Super Glue Brush & Nozzle 10g bottle has an RRP of £6.49 and is available to purchase in a 6-piece display. For more information email or call 01257 241319.

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