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GMC Releases Modern Men’s Knits and Modern Women’s Knits by Jen Geigley

By Emily Peagram 12 May 2021

Last summer GMC Distribution welcomed Quail Studio to our client portfolio. This month two new Quail Studio titles will be available to all – Modern Men’s Knits and Modern Women’s Knits by Jen Geigley are two really stylish and trendy knitting books that are wonderful additions to the Quail list and the GMC D catalogue.

This timeless collection of knitted garments brings modern shapes, a sophisticated colour palette and subtle details together to create a group of sweaters and accessories perfect for the modern man. Whether you’re knitting a sweater for someone else or for yourself, the goal is to make go-to pieces that feel just right. Modern Men’s Knits includes a sizing worksheet to make this process easier, especially if you’re knitting a sweater for someone else. This worksheet will give you a space to record actual measurements, as well as measurements from an existing well-fitting sweater from your wardrobe, or from the wardrobe of the person you are knitting for. Whether your goal is a garment that is fitted or relaxed, this collection includes endless options to enhance your cosy, comfortable hand-knit wardrobe.

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