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Gap’s Decision to Close All of Its UK and Ireland Stores Is Further Indication of the Bell Tolling for the High Street, Say Wholee Prime

By Emily Peagram 05 Jul 2021

After US-based retailer Gap announced its decision to close all 81 of its stores in the UK and Ireland, Eleanor Thomas, spokesperson for disruptor to the online marketplace Wholee Prime, commented:

“Gap’s decision to pull out of high streets and focus purely on its online presence is a damning indictment of the UK and Irish markets and the prospects for physical retailers. This is the latest in a long line of big name high street retailers to cut its losses amid online growth and physical sales decline.

“Topshop, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, the list of retailers either gradually disappearing or who have disappeared altogether from the high street goes on. The Coronavirus pandemic is not the reason for this decline, it has simply accelerated a process that has been ongoing for many years prior.

“The prospect of a major influx of consumers to more regular online shopping means that standards that were previously held against high street stores will be held against online retailers. Not just price and availability, but customer experience; are consumers treated as more than (online) footfall data? Are they made to feel welcome? Is there a connection between customer and retailer that fosters future interaction?

“Wholee Prime has always prioritised its customers. Guided by our four key principles of: Fair & Competitive pricing; Quality & Wide Assortment; Efficient & Reliable Delivery Service; and Zero Worries Shopping, we have experienced tremendous growth. Our app membership saw a 76 per cent rise through April and May, and we expect this to keep rising.

“We have committed to a customer-first approach which is already paying dividends. As more and more people make the transition to the online marketplace for their shopping needs, we are ready to provide a service customers not only need, but, more importantly, deserve.”

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