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Elevate your unboxing experience

By Emily Peagram 10 Sep 2021

Capture the magic of Christmas and the attention of your customers by revamping your packaging with a festive brand overhaul.

The holiday season is the perfect time to get creative with your brand and use themed packaging to truly elevate your unboxing experience – it’s about making your brand memorable, but also retaining customers once the tree goes away for another year.

Although as a small business owner, it might seem expensive or overwhelming to rehaul your packaging, there are many seasonal touches you can add at low cost and with minimal effort to revamp your existing look. Incorporating a custom stamp, sheet of tissue paper, or strip of tape all go a long way in creating a bespoke, seasonal experience – and going custom can also allow you to design a seasonal twist on your logo or motif!

noissue helps makers, brands, and entrepreneurs create sustainable branded packaging, from stickers and tape, to tissue paper and compostable mailers. And with all noissue products offered at low minimum order quantities, you also do not need to worry about finding yourself inundated with holiday packaging once the season has ended.

Pictured are two businesses spreading a little festive cheer with noissue packaging – Inga Buive (right) spruces up traditional rustic patterns by incorporating soft pink with inky green into her tissue design. Pairing a patterned design with branded stickers is an easy way to help build brand identity and drive customer loyalty. Meanwhile Rachel Corcoran (left) keeps it simple and uses stylish stickers to jazz up her shipments!

For more info and creative inspiration, check out noissue’s website and blog and see what the noissue community is creating on Instagram (@noissueco) and Pinterest (@noissuepackaging)

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