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Derwent hit century with Lightfast range

By Mark Hayhurst 15 May 2019

A further 64 colours in Derwent's innovative Lightfast collection have passed extensive ASTM testing, creating the largest range of 100 per cent Lightfast pencils on the market.

The range, which has been available to artists since last summer will see a selection of new colours added to the Lightfast range and beautifully presented in a wooden box – perfect for pencil protection, presentation or gifting.

Featuring a revolutionary, vibrant core that doesn’t fade for up to 100 years under museum conditions, the expansion to the Lightfast range will allow creatives more versatility for artwork that is required to last a lifetime.

Due to its formulation, the oil-based pencil is ideal on black or white paper and boasts a painterly quality, allowing artists to employ a variety of techniques and colours wherever they decide to create.

Alongside an open stock selection of 72 colours and a 72 tin, Derwent are launching two wooden boxes, a 48 wooden box and a 100 wooden box containing all colours in the Derwent Lightfast range.

The new Lightfast collection will feature highly-detailed artwork from Jesse Lane, who is renowned for his hyper-realistic coloured pencil artwork.

The product extension has been made possible by Derwent’s world-renowned research and development team who have been working tirelessly to extend the range and ensure it meets the requirements of creatives.

Lightfast testing has been undertaken in conjunction with the ASTM team in Arizona, ensuring it meets ASTM D6901 and Blue Wool Scale ISO 105 standards.

As one of the first artists to try the new collection, Jake Spicer said: “I’m so excited to see the excellent Lightfast pencils extended into a full spectrum of colours - the addition of such a vibrant magenta alongside such a wide range of greens and blues opens up a colourful new world of potential for my drawings.

“The bold and vibrant new additions to the Lightfast range extend the subtle tones of the existing palette into a rainbow of possibility.”

The Derwent Lightfast range will be manufactured in the United Kingdom at Derwent’s state of the art factory in Cumbria alongside the rest of Derwent pencil and colour ranges.

The 48 and 72 assortments will launch in July 2019 and will be available from Individual pencils are available for £3.20/€3.20/$3.75, while the new 72 tin will retail at £229.99/€234.99/ $269.99.

The Lightfast Wooden Box 48 Collection will be available for £169.99/ €169.99/ $199.99 while the Lightfast Deluxe Wooden Box 100 will be available just in time for Christmas in September for £369.99/ € 369.99/ $429.99.

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