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Dartington Hall Trust launches Inspirational Craft Courses for 2020

By Emily Peagram 13 Jan 2020

Dartington Hall Trust have announced an exciting new range of craft courses and talks at Dartington that will take place throughout 2020. These new residential and non-residential courses focus on a range of skills including furniture making, upholstery and painting. Experts leading these events include landscape painter Antony Garratt, award-winning furniture maker Peter Lanyon and BBC’s Money For Nothing artisan maker Leigh-Ann Treadwell.

The creative courses are tailored for all levels of ability, and ranging from a day, a weekend, or a whole week focus on both learning new skills, or refreshing and nurturing existing talents, under the guidance of the expert tutors in the Estate’s fully equipped workshops and studios.

Lou Rainbow, head of Crafted at Dartington, commented: “We are excited to announce a new range of creative courses here at Dartington Hall Trust – our new Inspirational British Art and Craft Courses. These are extraordinary learning experiences where you can learn to make beautiful contemporary objects that are rooted in traditional craft skills. Our new courses range from furniture, textiles, ceramics and artworks, and all taught by our growing network of makers from across the British Isles.”

The first series of courses and talks that have been announced include:

Course: Frost and Fire: Experimental Landscape Painting with Anthony Garratt

Wednesday 26 to Saturday 29 February 2020

Price: £485 – includes all the materials required to complete the course.

Talk: Frost and Fire: The Mechanics of an Installation in a Landscape

Friday 27 February 2020 19:30-21:00

Price: £10 per person or free for those attending Frost and Fire), held at the Elmhirst Library at Dartington Hall.

Course: Contemporary Country Chair with Peter Lanyon

Monday 23 to Sunday 29 March 2020

Price: £720 per person – includes all the material required to complete the course.

Course: Traditional Upholstery Masterclass with The Bristol Upholstery Collective

Wednesday 4 to Sunday 8 March 2020

Price: £625 – includes all tools required for the course, some materials may incur an extra charge.

Talk: Beneath the Layers: History of Dartington’s Love Affair with Upholstery

Thursday 5 March 2020 -19:30-21:00

Price: £10 or free for those attending Traditional Upholstery Masterclass.

All courses run from 10am to 4pm. For course booking and more information visit

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