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Creative Impulse Award 2019: top award for the best innovations in the sector

By Mark Hayhurst 29 Jan 2019

The Creative Impulse Award 2019 was held once again at Creativeworld.

The prizes were awarded for the 14th time to the best innovations of the year. The formal awards ceremony was held at Creativeworld, the leading international fair for hobbies, arts & crafts and artists’ requisites.

The DIY sector is constantly on the move: it captivates us again and again with new trends and vibrant ideas, and it embraces a huge number of innovative products. This is also demonstrated every year by the submissions for the Creative Impulse Award, which Messe Frankfurt awards in cooperation with publishers bit-Verlag.

The innovation award is the most important award in the sector and it provides guidance to experts when it comes to new products and trends.

Michael Reichhold, Creativeworld Director, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH and jury member, said: “Yet again, a large number of outstanding products, tools, kits and books were submitted this year by German and overseas companies.”

At the beginning of January, a top-ranking adjudicating panel of sector experts from retail, industry and the media met in Frankfurt am Main to give careful consideration to all the submissions. For a day, the jurors looked at everything in great detail, trying things out and assessing them conscientiously.

In so doing, they brought to bear their experiences in retail, business and consumer needs, as well as their own manual skills in a wide range of creative techniques.

Reichhold. Aline Niedrich, Seller Growth Specialist at Etsy Germany GmbH, said: “There was everything there: from minutely detailed tools, to environmentally sustainable art and handicraft materials, ingenious kits and detailed creative books – and with such a wealth of ideas, the decision was anything but easy.”

The winners in the categories of ‘Creative Product of the Year’, ‘Creative Tool of the Year’, ‘Creative Kit of the Year’ and ‘Creative Book of the Year’ were formally announced in the Creativeworld Forum.

The 2019 winners were:

Creative Product of the Year

1st place: myboshi ‘myboshi favourite colours’

2nd place: D.T.M. Loisirs créatifs ‘PATAGOM’

3rd place: Miled Ben Dhiaf, LOGO-BETON ‘Kneadable Concrete Evolution’

Creative Tool of the Year

1st place: Dremel ‘Dremel Stylo+’

2nd place: Rayher ‘Casting Moulds for Tiles & Relief Modelling’

3rd place: Heindesign ‘Stamp Corner’

Creative Kit of the Year

1st place: Marabu ‘Soft Linol Textil Print & Colouring’

2nd place: frechverlag ‘Handlettering Advent Calendar’

3rd place: PW International ‘Punch Needle Set: Abstract’

Creative Book of the Year

1st place: Kremer Pigmente ‘Kremer Pigments Recipe Book’

2nd place: frechverlag ‘Acrylic Pouring’

3rd place: efco creative ‘Book Series: Sweet Packaging’

The Creative Impulse Award expert jury 2019:

Silke Bosbach Atelier Silke Bosbach

Dörte Brilling HANDMADE Kultur Verlag

Dominic Fleming Head of Sales & Operations, ICHF Events

Mark Hayhurst Editor, Craft Business Magazine

Martina Lammel Designer and author

Aline Niedrich Seller Growth Specialist at etsy

Peter Nowotny Executive Board, Art Creativ

Michael Reichhold Director of Creativeworld, Messe Frankfurt

Craig de Souza Executive Director, AFCI.UK

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