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Create and Craft are Sweet 16

By Mark Hayhurst 04 Apr 2019

Multi-award-winning TV craft channel, Create and Craft, turns 16 on April 8.

Now broadcasting live on TV and online to 70 million homes in the UK and US, Create and Craft has come a long way since the very first show aired back in 2003.

The innovative new TV craft shopping concept quickly grew from strength to strength, attracting crafters from far and wide, collecting a handful of awards long the way and evolving into the much loved and inspirational TV channel that crafters know and love today.

To mark the success of their 16th Birthday, Create and Craft are hosting a sweet-themed celebration to celebrate their heritage, products, guests and customers. The event will run for a week starting on April 8.

Customers are encouraged to tune in everyday for the chance to win amazing prizes on Create and Crafts biggest ever golden ticket prize draw and have access to exclusive offers, brand new product launches and Create and Craft’s sweetest deals.

Jamie Martin, CEO at Ideal Shopping Direct, said: “At Create and Craft we celebrate our birthday in two ways: Internally with all our colleagues and suppliers and externally with all our loyal customers and friends.

“Create and Craft is a special place to work and also a special channel that our customers love to watch. It’s in many way’s a unique institution for crafters and is the world’s premiere platform for craft suppliers to get their brand and products known.

“I am very proud to be leading Create and Craft into its 16th year and I have lots of exciting plans to improve viewing pleasure in the future.”

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