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Crafted Society Ethical Luxury Subscription Service Proves Itself During the Pandemic

By Emily Peagram 07 Jul 2021

Crafted Society, the only ethical luxury fashion label that platforms individual Italian artisans, saw its newly launched subscription service soar during the pandemic. The surprising uptake came from customers on five continents.

“We had been thinking about a subscription for some time since no brand in our space offers one. During the pandemic, we decided that a radical approach towards luxury had to be introduced if we were to truly democratize the category and support our artisans during this difficult time. We had no idea how successful the idea would be,” said Lise Bonnet, Crafted Society co-founder and designer.

The label has been taking on the catastrophe that the outsourcing crisis in the fashion industry has caused for the anonymous artisans behind some of the world’s most recognizable luxury brands. Without help, there could be an end to Italy’s long tradition of craftsmanship in the area. Crafted Society gives 1% of turnover to educational nonprofits, with the goal of setting up the ‘Luxury for Good Foundation’ that funds scholarships to help find and train new apprentices.

Luxury Defined by People and Passion, Not Profit

While traditional luxury brands mark up their products between 8-10 times the cost price, Crafted Society has democratized luxury for customers bringing them closer to the artisan and factory price by cutting out unnecessary margins and marking up just 3.5x cost price. Their new subscriptions is even more radical and membership pricing is just 2.2x cost price.

The two subscriptions: ‘Club’ and ‘Sole’

The Crafted Society Club is for lovers of luxury who want complete flexibility for a remarkable price. The fee is €120 year /€12 per month and some features include: 40% personal discount on the entire collection all year round and early access to new products that are not for sale yet. The discount can be shared with family and friends.

The Crafted Sole Society is the shoe subscription with club benefits. The fee is €780 year /€75 per month. It includes four pairs of any Italian made shoes per year at a fraction of the price and shipped free of cost every quarter or all at once.

About Crafted Society:

Crafted Society was founded by Lise Bonnet and Martin Johnston in 2016. The husband and wife fashion duo wanted to pursue a lifelong dream of fusing their passion for design and exquisitely handcrafted lifestyle products with their personal commitment to championing transparency, sustainability and social responsibility. The company brings artisans and craftspeople in contact with the buyers of their luxury accessories and footwear.

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