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Craft Takes the Lead

By Sarah Jane 14 Nov 2012

With signs of the country emerging from recession, it is interesting to find that analysis released by Country Loves Craft has revealed that pages and posts on websites relating to craft come top of polls for the most searched for topic.

The Oxfordshire based company’s findings have found that crafting topics relating to recycling, re-vamping and re-purposing have the best ratings, along with anything relating to the craft activity of decoupage.

The UK has become very thrifty and crafters are choosing to use craft materials in new exciting and innovative ways. From home décor items and weddings, to baby gifts, gardens and even cars.

Visiting sites such as Pinterest and Facebook reveals just how inspiring some of the creations from crafters in the UK are. Use this to your advantage and create a Pinterest and Facebook account to continue to encourage your customers creativity.

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