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Craft Buddy Launches Forever Flowerz Collection

By Emily Peagram 12 Feb 2020

The latest collection from Craft Buddy takes the company into floral decorations and design with their DIY flower range, Forever Flowerz.

The leading arts and crafts manufacturer and producers of the flagship Crystal Art brand are expanding their portfolio with their newest collection focused on allowing crafters to make their own floral displays. With a wide range of flower options to choose from including chrysanthemums, carnations, camellias, begonias, peonies, daisies and stunning roses that are perfect for Valentine’s Day and the wedding season, crafters will be able to construct DIY lighting displays, wreaths, bouquets, cards and more!

The easy-to-follow steps included in the packs guide crafters through the process of creating their own flowers with packs creating 20 flowers retailing for as low as £7.99 RRP. The flowers are put together using the Forever Flowerz tool (included) in which each section of the flower is placed in sequence starting with the top cap and ending with the bottom cap to create a flower. Using the additional accessory kits, including wreaths and stems, crafters are then able to display their own creations for all to see.

Serving as both a cost-effective and long-lasting solution to flower designs, Forever Flowerz are made from recycled polyester ensuring beauty that does not wilt. Their durability means that crafters can use inks, glitter and prints to enhance their blossoming designs.

Dino Wadhwani, co-founder of Craft Buddy Ltd., said: “Forever Flowerz offers crafters a unique and exciting take on floral designs and we have had a tremendous response from when we first launched the range on Create and Craft TV. The high demand from retailers is a testament to the design team here at Craft Buddy and our loyal customers who provided valuable feedback to help develop this product line into what it is today. We are excited to take this to trade and share the range with more crafters.”

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