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Cosy Owl Announce New Virtual Candle Making Event in Partnership with Makes Scents Candles

By Emily Peagram 23 Nov 2020

Cosy Owl are pleased to announce a new partnership with entrepreneurial candle maker Abbey White, of Makes Scents Candle to run a series of virtual candle making events, the first of which will take place in December.

Abbey, who’s aged 27 and lives in East London, was one of hundreds who applied for the new role of virtual candle maker. She will lead a virtual event in partnership with Cosy Owl focused on introducing beginners to candle making, and there are 10 available event slots which are FREE to register for. Registrants are asked to just purchase a candle making kit before the cut off date of December 7th 2020 to ensure a timely delivery.

Abbey, who previously studied English and Drama at Loughborough University, brings to Cosy Owl good commercial awareness, a host of creative skills and a hunger to produce her own environmentally friendly products with materials that can be upcycled - something her business positions itself on.

Abbey’s working background stems from travel where she was unfortunately furloughed throughout ongoing COVID-19 events which heavily affected the travel sector.

Abbey White of Make Scents Candles commented:

“I was on furlough when I started making candles and was subsequently made redundant from my role at STA Travel in the Digital Content team when they went into administration. I was bought a beginner’s kit from Cosy Owl by my housemate as an alternative evening activity.”

When considering if entrepreneurship was for her, Abbey spent many evenings of trial and error making candles, hoping for the best, whilst trying not to make a mess in her kitchen! So much so, that she kept coming back to the idea of starting a side hustle.

“Having previously worked for a brand that champions eco-tourism and positive behaviour, I wanted to create candles that were not just useful as a self-care quick fix for just one occasion. I wanted to make something that was an experience and that would be sustainable.

Cosy Owl materials are naturally sourced and environmentally friendly, so it was a no brainer to work with them on the new series of virtual events.”

Since launching her own business, Makes Scents Candles has grown in strength. It’s brand mission is to create handmade candles designed to be up-cycled, in a way that’s as sustainable as possible. The candles are plant based through and through as they’re made from sustainably sourced soy wax and come with wildflower seeds and a biodegradable grow bag for up-cycling the container. The packaging is as eco-friendly as possible, and Abbey is always evaluating how to improve the way she does things. Makes Scents are stocked online and were also picked up by a new spa in Hackney Wick/Stratford.

Abbey has ensured she has a wide range of collections in her short time as a candle maker. You can expect to see available two ranges of candles which are a limited-edition collection named after Abbey’s late Nanny ‘The Winterburn Collection,’ full of autumnal and nostalgic winter scents including Apple & Cinnamon and Winter Spice.

Abbey states that her main collection is floral based with 7 scents including dupes for well-known candle brands including Lime, Basil & Mandarin and Tonka & Tobacco Flower.

The labels are minimalist for modern homes.

In the lead up to Christmas, Makes Scents has also teamed up with independent sellers to make shopping small more affordable. The community thinks it’s more important to collaborate rather than compete and reflects a real togetherness at a time it is needed the most.

Richard Fewings, Managing Director of Cosy Owl commented:

“Abbey White stood out as she showed strong commercial awareness, whilst lots of creative potential, her application was very strong and she has a great onscreen presence. In 2021, we will be focusing on sustainability and this topic in particular stood out to us as Abbey’s brand is very much centred around up-cycling her materials.

We can’t wait to see what our new virtual candle making events bring for the crafts community and want to give Abbey a warm welcome!”

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