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Concrete & Wax Release New Teal Series and Fresh Candle Fragrances for Spring/Summer 2021

By Emily Peagram 30 Mar 2021

CONCRETE & WAX introduces the Teal Series to its collection of hand poured, modular concrete candle holders and homewares.

Complementing the existing colour palette of black, grey, white and blush concrete, the teal colourway lends itself beautifully to the linear forms and luxury surface of the designs.

Available now in all pieces from the collection, the rich teal concrete transitions beautifully from an unlit daytime arrangement to an ambient evening candleware display.

Where minimal handcrafted design can create maximum impact.


Alongside the teal concrete, CONCRETE & WAX also welcomes two new candle fragrances into its existing fragrance family of Lime, Basil & Mandarin; Tobacco & Oak; Sandalwood & Black Pepper; and Amber Noir.

Cherished Leather: An Italian leather market. The buttery softness of a nappa leather jacket or the squeak of a polished handbag; the fresh citrus and herbal aromas circulating around. Sophisticated, yet homely and completely unforgettable.

Curious Rose: Not overpoweringly floral, but deeply intriguing and rich with smoky undercurrents of oud wood. Intoxicating and sensual.

In keeping with the Brand’s modular, interchangeable design concept that allows a personalised approach to stacking and styling the candleware in a myriad of ways, these two new fragrances have been developed to work beautifully when burnt alongside each other, as well as on their own.

Currently available in the mid and large candles, diffuser and tealight trios.
(Slim and 3-wick candles are in development, to be added to the collection when testing is complete).

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