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Breaking News: Faber-Castell Highlights a World Pencil Shortage

By Sarah Jane 22 Mar 2016

The world’s largest wooden pencil manufacturer, Faber-Castell, has told news outlets they are experiencing “double digit growth” in the sale of artists’ pencils, and as a result have been forced to lay on more shifts at their factory based in Germany.

This is due in part to the growth in the numbers of people taking up colouring as a hobby or form of therapy. With more people buying adult colouring books, global pencil stocks have been threatened.

Faber-Castell’s Sandra Suppa said: “The production of our artists’ pencils has increased strongly compared to the previous year. Currently, we are running more shifts than usual in our factory in Stein, Bavaria in order to satisfy the global needs for artists pencils related to the colouring trend for adults.”

“The trend is continuing to this day and can be felt globally – from South America to Asia”, she added.

With people gradually getting more invested in colouring, the demand for more expansive sets of pencils has also gone up.

“People are now not satisfied with ‘just’ 36 colours. We’re noticing a trend in people preferring bigger sets of 72 or even 120 colours for colouring. We are also noticing that people are investing in our highest quality artists’ pencils.”

Over here in the UK, the gravitas of the rising trend can be felt on the high street, with book chain Waterstones reporting a 300 per cent rise in sales of colouring books in just one year.

Head of children’s buying at Waterstones, Melissa Cox, told a news outlet: “Colouring books are doing really well at the moment, which initially surprised us… and we realised adults were buying them for themselves.”

Many titles have become best sellers, with a demand for more intricate and detailed designs.

Popular titles include Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom, Emma Farrarons’ The Mindfulness Colouring Book and Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden.

(Story by Danielle Alexandra Lett | Editorial Assistant | Homemaker Magazine)