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BIPOC In Fiber launches on Crowdfunder

By Mark Hayhurst 10 Sep 2019

BIPOC in Fiber has launched plans to create an interactive directory and resource portal highlighting the work of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour working in the fibre community across any discipline; from knit, crochet and weaving, to yarn bloggers, indie dyers, writers, tech editors and everything in between.

To finance this work, BIPOC in Fiber is launched a crowdfunding campaign through Crowdfunder on September 7 at Perth Yarn Festival:

This marks a new name and an exciting new chapter for what began as the POC Designers & Crafters List started in 2018 by Jeanette Sloan.

Originally posted on Jeanette’s blog, the list quickly proved both popular and useful. Highlighting the many BIPOC who work with fibre, it reveals an urgent community-wide demand to see and support those talents. This very real demand doesn’t just come from knitters, but a wide variety of crafting disciplines. Seeing how the list was received and used has given the project a clearer sense of purpose and vision.

Jeanette Sloan said: “Our remit is to celebrate the talent of BIPOC working with fibre and to improve the representation of BIPOC in the fibre industry. We hope the website will be the first port of call for anyone to use, whether it’s a publication looking for a tech editor, a consumer looking for an indie dyer or a student looking to interview a knitwear designer. All BIPOC working in and with fibre will have the opportunity to be included for free, thereby enabling them to be recognised and rewarded for their work; something we believe is long overdue.

“Building a website and resource portal isn’t easy or cheap, so we have taken the decision to launch a crowdfunding campaign aimed at consumers and companies.”

The money raised will pay for the design of the BIPOC in Fiber logo, digital branding, site design and build, and also enable Jeanette to pay a BIPOC colleague to maintain the site. In addition, the funding will allow Jeanette to create 12 in-depth profiles of BIPOC currently working in the fibre industry which will be showcased on the site over the coming year.

The funding will also compensate Jeanette for the time spent on promoting the site and its aims around the world. The crowdfunding target is £20,000 and the campaign closes at 12pm on October 4, 2019.

Jeanette added: “My hope is that these positive, practical steps will improve the industry for everyone, making it as richly diverse as the community it serves and that the legacy of BIPOC in Fiber will serve both the industry and community for many years to come.”

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