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Arena Travel’s Stitchtopia Launch New Craft Getaway

By Emily Peagram 11 Sep 2020

Just an hour’s flight away from lively Edinburgh and nestled amongst the blue waters of the North Atlantic, lie 18 rugged volcanic islands, each boasting a perfect blend of tradition and modern heritage… the Faroe Islands are truly a one of a kind destination!

From the colourful capital, Torshavn to the idyllic village of Gjogv, the powerful landscapes are enough to tempt any traveller to explore this beautiful part of the world. And it’s that very scenery, combined with an iconic knitting heritage which draws Stichtopia back to the Faroe Islands year after year.

The Knitting in the Faroe Islands Craft Getaway with Katrina i Geil consists of eight days in this breathtaking destination. Holidays will be departing on 31st May, 21st June, 19th July or and 16th August 2021.

Discover the rugged beauty and rich knitting history of the remote Faroes Islands on this amazing holiday where under the guidance of local expert Katrina I Geil you’ll learn to knit traditional Faroese patterns and beautiful Faroese lace. Also enjoy the following features:

Faroese Knitting Traditions

Learn more about Faroese knitting traditions by meeting local textile designers, visit the National Museum and Snældan wool factory, and practice some techniques in workshops with Katrina í Geil.

Discover the capital, Torshavn

Enjoy a guided walk through the old part of Torshavn before continuing by bus to visit renowned local textile designer Poulina.

Step back in time in Kirkjubour

Kirkjubour holds the key to the Faroes history and visit the Magnus Cathedral, Parish church and the 900 year-old farmhouse, thought to be the oldest wooden house still in use today.

Explore idyllic Gjogv

Visit the northernmost village on the island of Eysturoy, idyllic Gjogv with it’s colourful houses and sweeping landscapes.

Optional extras

Discover more by joining the optional excursions to see the knitwork of Nolsoy and sail along the stunning cliffs of Vestmanna.

Prices start from £2,195, to find out more go to

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