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By Mark Hayhurst 30 Apr 2018

During March the public voted in their thousands to help Stylecraft choose the new shades in their super-popular sock yarn, Head Over Heels.

But there was an air of mystery to the competition. Stylecraft’s Blogstars, inspired by the artist David Hockney, had put together their own colour combinations. Which colour combination belonged to which Blogstar was a closely guarded secret, locked in a vault at Stylecraft HQ.

There were two categories, melange and stripe variations, and the top three in each would become part of the Head over Heels range for Autumn 2018. “This competition has been such fun and lots of people were trying to guess which colours belonged to which Blogstar. It was so difficult to keep it secret,” says Annabelle Hill, Sales and Marketing Director at Stylecraft.

The new range will be called Head Over Heels All Stars.

Category: Head Over Heels Melange: Sandra Paul from Cherryheart; Helen Kurtz from Josie Kitten; Phil Saul from The Twisted Yarn.

Category: Head Over Heels Stripe: Julia Marsh from Hand Knitted Things; Lucy from Attic 24; Zelna Olivier from Zooty Owl.

Six members of the public that voted have also been chosen to receive a pack of all the new colours when they are released in the autumn.

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