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Spotlight on Deflecto

Craft Business: Tell us about your company?

Andy Page: Deflecto are a global manufacturer with sites in the UK, China, Canada and the USA; and has a long history of creatively applying solutions across different business channels.

Back in the 1960’s, an imaginative Deflecto employee flipped the company’s patented air deflection device - which had already been revolutionary in both commercial and private residence applications – upside down and started marketing it as an office supply organiser. It’s that type of creative thinking which has characterised Deflecto ever since.

Based in Newport South Wales, Deflecto has over 50 years manufacturing experience.

Craft is our focus however Deflecto have experience in the following areas; Office Products, Point of Sale, Literature Display, Floor Protection and Acrylic Fabrication.

CB: What products does Deflecto specialise in?

AP: CRAFT storage is our latest innovation and an area we are developing very quickly however as a business we are passionate about plastic and are proud to be the leading manufacturer of plastic components for the Point of Sale Industry in

Europe. You will have seen (but not always noticed) our products in most high street retailers and supermarkets.

We are justly as famous for our literature display products, which includes everything from business card holders to countertop, wall mounted and floor standing sign and literature holders.

CB: What would you accredit this success?

AP: Our products are manufactured from our wholly owned Chinese production facility, which enables us to be cost competitive, quick to market and European brand leader in a number of different sectors – Something which we are extremely proud of.

In addition, our strength has always been developing innovative cross-industry solutions that match customer needs - so when we looked at ways that our existing storage, frames, sign-display and floor protection products could be applied to the Craft sector the opportunity was so big for us, we simply jumped at the chance.

CB: What inspires you to create new products and bring them to market?

AP: We pride ourselves in creative thinking, innovation and the willingness to listen and respond to the needs and wants of our customers. Moving into the Craft market was a natural extension for us. We’re a solutions-based company, and we love finding new ways to meet customer needs and solve problems; and this wonderful Craft market is a great avenue for our type of creative innovation. We were able to quickly find ways that our existing storage, display, and floor protection products could translate into interesting art, craft, and education solutions.

Moreover, we were able to identify a major gab in the market when it came to storage solutions, and from this were able to develop new products specifically tailored to help crafters get more organised.

One product we are particularly proud of is our Interlocking Caddy Organiser – this product was showcased at the CHSI Stitches Show in February along with the rest of our craft range. We now realise that CADDY is more of a system than a one off product, it can evolve with you the more you Craft, perfect.

We develop products that give solutions to problems in most cases. Developing new product innovations and maintaining strong supplier partnerships with leading global resellers is key to Deflecto’s success.

CB: How successful have your new launches been and why?

AP: We have had positive interactions with end users and customers within this market in different parts of the world and their enthusiasm and creativity has really energised our team.

The CHSI Stitches show gave us access to the contacts we needed to launch our new craft products in the UK and the response we received at the show was phenomenal. We were able to engage with designers, wholesalers, retailers and end-users and gain feedback on our products.

In addition, we have been able to interact with some major players in the industry and were able to exclusively launch our Interlocking Caddy Organiser bundle set on the Create and Craft TV Channel; which sold out in less than 24 hours!

CB: What can we expect from Deflecto in the next 12 months?

AP: We are keen to explore new ideas and enhance our knowledge even further in this sector. More recently we have become a member of the CHA-UK and will continue to work with them in terms of product development and innovation.

Deflecto will also attend at the ‘One Big Show’ organised by the CHA-UK in June, and will look to attend more events in this industry throughout 2016/17.

In terms of new product development, we were privileged to showcase our product prototypes at the Stitches show and gain encouraging feedback from customers - as well as capturing interesting ideas to evolve our existing range.

CB: What support do you offer to retailers who stock Deflecto products?

AP: We are fortunate to have developed and built great relationships with our existing retailers and wholesalers; who remain very loyal customers.

This relationship has been built on trust and an offering of free product training; access to marketing copy, sell-sheets and imagery to assist with the sales process.

As a manufacturer we have the independence to be able to develop and create eye catching product packaging, particularly suited for a retail environment – and with this, we are able to offer the very best prices!

Telephone: 01633 280123



Twitter: Deflecto0

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