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Bringing Innovation To The Craft Jewellery Market…

03 Oct 2017

ImpressArt founder, Adam Wolter, provides insight on his unique business model and products, how ImpressArt became the world leader in metal stamping, and what to expect next...

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Going from strength to strength

26 Jul 2017

Michael Armstrong, managing director of Rico Design Ltd, looks at the development of the company...

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Spot Light On The Craft Cotton Company

03 May 2017

Participation in crafting grew during the last recession. Rather than going out for a meal or going to the pub, consumers stayed at home and looked for hobbies to occupy their time and they continue to do so...

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Spotlight On Worldpay

15 Nov 2016

Sarah-Jane Lampe caught up with James Frost, chief marketing and commercial officer for Worldpay UK to discover the brands core values and how they can benefit independent retailers...

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