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TRIED AND TESTED: Everything you want for your garden journaling needs

05 Sep 2017
By Mark Hayhurst

The prettily packaged kit contains everything needed to make this stunning journal to keep all your gardening information in, including stickers so that the pages can be marked. Keep plant and pots information, plant care records, design grids and lots more.

It is simple to emboss using the tools and patterns provided and would make a superb gift for all gardeners.

Other journal kits are following soon, a needlework journal, a hiking journal and a dreams journal just for starters.

Make sure that you stock these kits for customers to make now or give as unusual gifts for Christmas.

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PAPERCRAFT DESIGNER CORINNE BRADD: The garden journal kit is a perfect project for a lazy evening. The pewter piece fits neatly inside the grid sheet making it easy to plan your cover using the ‘boxed’ images and borders on the design sheet.

Mark out your layout on the grid, trace over the patterns and transfer the illustrations to the pewter sheet with the ball-ended tool. Full instructions for defining and antiquing the cover are included in the kit along with absolutely everything you need to complete the journal professionally.

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