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Staedtler’s New Craft Sets

16 Sep 2020
By Emily Peagram

The FIMO ® leather-effect sets from STAEDTLER are ideal for beginners and are a great way to get creative this festive season. They can also be used as stocking fillers! Each set contains four FIMO ® leather-effect half blocks in a variety of colours as well as easy step-by-step instructions and the required accessories to create the finished product – jewellery, key tassels, plant hanger or glasses case. FIMO ® leathereffect has an innovative, flexible texture which has a leather-like feel and look after hardening. These sets showcase the unique characteristics of FIMO ® leather-effect using simple projects. Also available are the specially selected STAEDTLER art products in four sets that are ideal as Christmas gifts. The STAEDTLER Design Journey art sets contain a variety of high-quality STAEDTLER products that are suitable for beginners and hobby artists, their gift box appearance also makes them ideal as Christmas presents. The various sets are designed for varying artists’ requirements, including Sketching, Charcoal, Black & White and Watercolour. Each set comes in a hangable cardboard box with a window for product visibility. Visit

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