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Rico Can Can Disco - Now With Added Bling

19 Mar 2012
By Crafty Ewok

It could be knitted by the beginner in a few hours from just one ball and looked ‘simply sensational’.

The yarn knits quickly and easily on 8mm needles to create a succession of fabulous frills. The yarn is fun to knit and appeals to all ages.

Rico now adds a touch of ‘bling’ to extend the appeal of Can Can with the launch of Can Can Disco. The sensational new yarn received a huge reaction from current and potential stockists at the Craft Hobby & Stitch show,

Can Can Disco literally sparkles into life yet it retains the super softness of the original. The yarn comes in 100g balls – sufficient for a scarf with a retail price of £6.99. It comes in a palette of eight sparkling shades.

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