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Introducing Imagination Crackle Paste

14 Nov 2017
By Mark Hayhurst

Imagination Crafts are market leaders in creating products which are suitable for mixed media and textural work.

Following on from their highly successful, quick drying Texture Paste, Imagination have just introduced Imagination Crackle Paste to their ever expanding range of mixed media products.

Imagination Crackle Paste is a one-step, fast drying crackle paste which can be left to air-dry, or, for a faster result, a heat tool or hair dryer can be used. It is suitable for use on MDF, canvases, or any non-porous surface.

Imagination Crackle Paste can be used in the same way as Imagination Texture Paste; applied directly to your non-porous surface with a spatula or sponge, spread through stencils, or applied with texture tools, for example a fork, to create a vintage, aged, cracked finish and texture to your projects. The resulting crackle will depend on the amount of paste applied; a thin application will produce a smaller, narrower crackle, while a heavier application will produce a bigger and wider crackle.

The beauty of Imagination Crackle Paste is that it can be used in conjunction with other Imagination Crafts products. To colour Crackle Paste, mix a little paste with Imagination’s hugely popular Starlight Metallic Paint before applying to your chosen surface. Colour can also be added by rubbing Imagination Starlight Metallic Paint into the cracks when the paste is dry. The crushed gilding flake in Starlights paint will add subtle, shimmering highlights to the Crackle Paste.

Imagination Crafts’ Alchemy Waxes and Starlight Waxes can also be rubbed into the cracks to highlight and add colour.

Imagination Crafts continue to expand their mixed media textile range and have also recently introduced a multi-purpose, clear drying, washable Fabric Glue which is suitable for use not only on fabric, but also on MDF, canvas and rice papers, making it perfect for any type of mixed media project.

The Crackle Paste and Fabric Glue are available in generous, 200ml wide mouth containers that are easy to access and use.

To see the full range of Imagination Mixed Media products, please visit or contact Imagination Crafts via email on or telephone 01935 812000.


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