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Fibralo metallic fibre tip pens

26 Sep 2016
By Danielle Harris

Caran d’Ache is 100% made in Switzerland. This product contains 30 assorted metallic water-soluble, fibre tip pens with medium size tip in gold, silver and bronze. They are long lasting and each pen writes for up to 600m. The pens do not dry up for up to one week with the lid left off and offer superior quality, as well as a 3 year storage guarantee against drying out.

Recommended for sketching out rough drafts, drawing instruction and colouring, these pens have water-based ink and are water-soluble. Ink does not penetrate the paper and is washable on most fabrics. Also available in individual colours, 10 per pack. RRP £59.70 per container or £1.99 each.

Contact: 020 8381 7000,,

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