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Creations Specialist Needles

25 Nov 2014
By Bridget Parfitt

A selection of specialist needles from the collection that will enable even the most passionate sewers to push the boundaries with their craft projects.

Creations by Korbond is a dedicated craft brand featuring a range specialist needles which encourage consumers to delve deeper into crafts such as needlework, machine sewing and knitting.

Gold Eye Sewing Needles

These needles have a fine body allowing them to pass through fabrics with minimal snagging. Gold eye plating allows for easier threading of the needle as threads slide through the eye with ease. With 20 pieces included in the pack they are particularly useful for projects that require intricate detail, such as appliqué or embellishment.

Wool Needles

The Creations Wool Needles pack contains two useful hand needles. The tapestry needle has an extra long eye to make it easier to thread wool or yarn, while the blunt point enables the needle to move smoothly between the weave of the project to bring two pieces together. The chenille needle similarly has a large, long eye but sharp point to penetrate closely woven fabrics. It is particularly helpful for finishing crochet projects, which feature tighter stitches. The needle eyes on both needles provided in the pack are large and are not prone to burring, ensuring that the yarn is not damaged. All keen knitters should have wool needles to assemble knitted garments such as jumpers, sweaters and cardigans.

Machine Needle Pack

Creations system 130/705 H Universal Machine Needles are provided in both regular and ballpoint. The Regular Needles with slightly rounded points are perfect for a multitude of fabrics including woven materials and cotton. Ballpoint needles have a fully rounded tip specifically designed to part threads on knit and jersey fabrics. The needles contained in the pack feature an all important front groove above the eye of the needle, which ensures smooth and even stitching. In addition, the hollow scarf on the back side of the needle helps to reduce slipping of stitches producing a professional finish.

Craft Needle Pack

These Craft Needles come complete in a convenient and compact pack in that includes three types of needles ranging from size 6-24. Popular uses include:

  • Tapestry – The long eye needle with a thick point for use on canvases.
  • Crewels – A stretched eyed needle for embroidery work.
  • Quilting – A small round eye, used for making fine stitches on heavy fabrics.
  • It is a great pack for a range of textile projects and a must-have item for any sewing basket.

These specialist needles compliment many new craft tools in the Creations by Korbond craft collection. To explore the full Korbond portfolio including its core haberdashery range, visit or contact us directly to discuss your craft requirements.

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