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Clairefontaine’s Card-Making Inspiration - Paper Touch

14 Aug 2014
By cbiz-admin

Clairefontaine has added new products to its cardmaking collections to encourage customers to delve deeper into the craft, as well as satisfying the needs of even the most ardent cardmaking enthusiast. Not limited to papers and pads, the range includes ribbons, stickers and a range of embellishments that enable an array of effects, textures and patterns.

ExaClair, the UK subsidiary of French papermaking group Exacompta Clairefontaine, has introduced new products to its cardmaking ranges to inspire one-off, stylish greetings cards.

A new range of Printed Paper Pad designs has been launched, which include ‘Children’s Memories’ with cute patterns in bright shades of pink, blue and green and a ‘Summer Garden’ range in pastel lilac, pink and turquoise floral designs that are ideal for summer party invitations.

Adding texture and relief are Opera, Embossed and new to this year, the bright and exotic Bollywood papers. The Opera Paper collection is delicate, sophisticated and perfect for occasions that require a bit of luxury, such as weddings and christenings. Embossed papers use a standout, three-dimensional grain that gives a tactile finish and is available in a wide-range of bright colours.

Sure to be popular are the new adhesive Decorative Ribbons, which come in a range of traditional, floral, kitsch and modern designs and can be used to simply and effectively enhance cards and invitations. The ribbons can also be used to embellish presents; useful for those wanting to co-ordinate their gifts with their greetings cards.

Also new to the collection are the high-quality, beautiful Satin Stickers that give a textured, silky dimension to greetings cards and are sure to be a valuable addition to any card-maker’s craft box. The range includes Christmas, elegant floral and modern, geometric designs.

These new products add to Clairefontaine’s Evenement range, where the adhesive embellishments in wedding and new-born themes have already proved popular in helping to create original and thoughtful greetings cards and gifts.

Nick Parry, head of art and craft at ExaClair, says: “Clairefontaine has reacted to customer demand for innovative cardmaking accessories and embellishments. Cardmaking is growing in popularity and there is a real appetite for products such as stickers and ribbons that give relief, texture and originality to greetings cards. Our ranges have been designed to meet these needs.”

ExaClair is a derivative of its parent company’s full name – the French papermaking Group, Exacompta Clairefontaine.

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