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Caran d’Ache 12 Pastel Pencils

26 May 2015
By cbiz-admin

With no fewer than 84 colours, Caran d’Ache dry pastels offer a wide palette of shades, available identically in two complementary mediums: Pencil and Cube.

This product has been developed in close collaboration with master pastel artists, they are composed of extra-fine pigments and carefully produced by specialist craftsmen in its Geneva workshops. A box of 12 assorted colours retails at £37.99 including VAT.

This set of 12 pastel pencils offers a high-quality powdery texture for generous shading. With a range of 84 rich and vibrant colours in the range they offer a high concentration of ultra-fine pigment, which has been finely ground.

The texture and colour of the surface can directly affect the final results of any pastels. They adhere best to grainy card-type paper as well as other specific papers such as coloured and velour.

When sharpening these pencils for best results, sharpen with a blade then finish with a medium-grain sandpaper. It is best to only use a pencil sharpener when preparing the pencil for sharpening.

JAKAR INTERNATIONAL, sole distributors in the UK & Ireland for Caran d’ache colour products.

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